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Here at Unity Convention, we take the time to gather all of the necessary information you may need with regard to the news media industry and digital technology conferences.

Whether you’re looking for details about upcoming events and conferences, advice on where to stay whilst attending a conference, or simply want to learn some more about the news media industry and digital technologies, we’re sure you’ve found the right place.

All You Need to Know

Finding relevant conferences and events to attend can be a daunting task, with many websites out there providing different details and catering for different needs. We aim to make the search for these events as straightforward as possible by collating all of the conference details relevant to the news media industry and those who work with digital technologies.

Conferences are great places for networking with your industry peers whilst also being an opportunity to learn new things and hear some different perspectives. Going to our subscribe page and signing up for regular updates from us can help you to always be aware of the relevant conferences that are happening close to you in the future.