Where to Stay During a Conference

As discussed previously, it’s common for conferences to be spread over multiple days. With large multi-day events such as digital technology conferences, it’s natural that you’d require somewhere to stay if the event isn’t near to your home. So, here’s some advice for finding somewhere to stay when attending a conference.


The most obvious choice would be to book a room in a hotel. Price comparison websites can actually help you find the best possible room rate before you commit to a booking, assisting with keeping costs as low as possible.

Many large conferences will also have discount deals with hotels in the area or may even be near a hotel. Check with the organizers if they have any partnerships that can get you a discounted hotel rate while you’re in town.

Group Bookings

Many discounts can be found on accommodation when multiple people are traveling together. Group bookings can attract generous discounts on the room rates and may come with some added extras to sweeten the deal.

For example, if you’re traveling to a conference with multiple people from your company, consider making a group booking at a hotel to lower costs. You could even hire out a whole home on apps like Airbnb, which can accommodate you all at a reasonable price and with more privacy than a hotel.

Friends and Relatives

If you have friends or family living in the conference area, consider asking if you could stay with them. This will help keep your accommodation costs down and let you unwind in a cozier environment with people you know. It’s also an excellent chance for you to catch up with those you may not have seen for a while.